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1.      Procedure Text

(Goal)              : How to Make a Fried Rice
(Material)        : Ingredients
                        Rice, Chili, Red and White Onion, 2 egg, salt, cooking oil,
                        Sauce, vegetables.
                        Frying Pan, Spatula, Plate
(Step)              : Method
1.      Mixture the flavor and crush until soft
2.      Heat the oil in a frying pan
3.      Pour the mixture into Frying Pan
4.      Pour Rice into Frying Pan and Stir with flavor until smooth.
5.      Add egg and vegetable  into rice and stir until smooth
6.      Place on plate
7.      Eat while warm.
2.      Recount Text
Our trip to the Sarangan Lake
Last month I and my neighbour went to the Sarangan Lake. We went there by motorcycle. We arrived there about ten o’clock. It’s the first experience in my life to go there with my neighbour .First, we saw the Lake scenary and walked around it until tired. It’s beautiful view with cold temperature. After that, we went to boutique shop to buy some clothes. Then we went to inn and talked our humor expierience. In the afternoon we stayed in Hotel and take a rest in there   Second, we went to edge of Lake to take some pictures. It’s good place to photograph. My neighbour also tried to ride boat. In center of Lake a boat was stuck and stop in corner. I felt confuse and tried to saw it. My neighbour was very afraid and wouldn’t to ride again. Then we continued our trip. In the evening we went home. Before that, we checked our motorcycle and went home. It’s so tired trip in our holiday, but we felt happy and satisfied.                  
3.      Description Text
My Unique Friend
I have a unique friend. He is very good, impressive, trendy man in the class, but he often sleepy. Sometimes, he always comes late to go campus. Recently, he tries to make change in his life. Nowdays, his appearance is seen differ and always uses new jacket in the class. When he is going to campus, all his friends, including me watch and feel surprise with his appearance. He also makes his friend be laugh because of funny face. His face is very unique than others, because he is always seen as sleepy man. Occasionally, All his friends suppose that he is sleepy. He is so different friend that I meet first in my life. Beside that, he has coward characteristic. When all his friends submitte their assignment, he always afraid because he doesn’t do his assignment. He usually calls and asks  me to help his assignment. He is also descend people. When his friend makes joke to him, he never angry to them. He faces his problem with smile everyday. I feel happy have friend like that.            
4.      Spoof
Strange Baby
A woman is sitting at home entertaining her parents who have come around to congratulate her on the birth of their first grandchild.
“So, when can we see the baby ?”, asks the grandmother.
“In a little while”, replies the mother.
Some time passes. The grandparents are looking quite anxious at this  point.
“So, when can we see the baby?”, asks the grandfather. “When the baby starts crying”, replies the mother. The grandparents turn to look at each other, a little perplexed and ask, “Why do we have wait until she start crying!”
The mother snaps back “Because I put her down somewhere this morning and I can’t remember where she is!”

5.      Narrative

The Rabbit and The Crocodiles
Once there was a little rabbit. He was small but he was very clever. He lived on an island in the middle of a river. He was the only rabbit on the island. One day he wanted to cross the river but he could not find a bridge anywhere. Just then he saw a big crocodile by the river and went up to it. The rabbit ask to crocodile how many crocodiles are there in the river, but the crocodile didn’t know because he can’t count. Then the rabbit ask to crocodile to try to count them. So, the big crocodile called the other crocodiles, and they all came to him. There were big ones and little ones, large ones and also small ones, old ones and young ones. They all came together. Then the big crocodile said to the rabbit, “Now, Mr.Rabbit, here we are. Please count us.” “All right,” said the rabbit,”but first make a line. Then I can count you.”     When they were ready, the rabbit cried, “Here I go !” and he jumped up from one crocodile to another. He counted while he was going across. The big crocodile was very pleased. He said,”Thank you, Mr.Rabbit, for counting us. Now we know exactly how many crocodiles there are in this river. Then the big crocodile said to the little rabbit  to tell how many rabbits there are on the island. The little rabbit said, “There aren’t any rabbits on the island when I was on the island, there was one. I was the only rabbit on the island, so there was exactly one- Me.” When the crocodiles heard his story, they all laughed, and the big crocodile said.”You are very small, Mr.Rabbit, and you are very clever. But thank you for your counting to us.”  The little rabbit laughed, too. He said,”And you are very kind. Thank you for making a bridge for me. You made a beautiful bridge. Thank you very much. Now,.....Please don’t forget. There are exactly twenty-nine crocodiles in this river.”And the little rabbit ran away.

6.      Hortatory Exposition

Watch your kids while playing games
Nowdays, we can’t ignore that the game becomes populer in the children circle. Why I say that? Because, now most of children in the world play games. But, on the other hand, it brings some effects for children. However, is it important for parent to manage their children times. Firstly, many times spent only for playing games. The children studying can be disturbed and inactive because of playing games. Their study achievement also becomes descend. Secondly, It makes the children can be addicted. When the children playing games more, automatically they want to play again in next time and also makes children become wasteful. Considering some facts mentioning above, the parent roles most important to handle their children. Parent can protect their children with the following tips :
1.      Do not allow your children play games more.
2.      Limit between studying and playing games
7.      Analytical Exposition

Smoking should be banned in public place
Smoking should be banned in public place. There are many reasons for it. It disturbs the other people and also cause fire in public area. Firstly, smoking makes air pollution. The smoke has many substances that it very dangerous and cause bad effect for health. Most people often feels cough and sneeze because of cigarette gas.Secondly, make a waste spread anyplace. Most smokers throw the cigarette after they have smoked. It makes dirty in public area. Indeed, It makes fire because people throw the cigarette anywhere, especially in rubbish box. In conclusion, Smoking should be banned in public place for the reasons listed.
8.      Anecdote
One day Nasreddin went to a dinner party. He was wearing old clothes. When he came, nobody looked at him and nobody gave him surprized, so Nasreddin went home and put on his best clothes and went back to the party.   The host at once got up and came to meet him. He offered him to the best table and gave him a good seat and offered him the best food and drink. Nasreddin sat and put off this coat in the food and said,”Eat coat!”The guests were very surprized and asked him,”What are you doing, Nasreddin?”      “When I came here with my old clothes, nobody looked at me. Then, I went home and came back in my best clothes and you gave me the best food, so you gave food to my clothes instead of me.”
9.      Report
I will tell you about a Lion. A Lion is mammal animal. They belong to carnivores and wild animals. It resemble a cat but has different character. We can find them in the African jungle. It can also founded in forest. A Lion make a group in their life. They feed other animals like zebras, buffaloes, deer, etc. It usually hunt at their hunting area. When a lion will hunt other animals, it doesn’t run, but they hide and focus on  target carefully. After that a lion jump and catch with the sharp claw directly. They can run fast like a horse. Some lions can hear voices from 100 until 150 meter. They always eat with a group. Most lion live in cave and under trees. They have complete family. It also has a baby because of mammals animal. Some females always struggle to keep and take care their baby and the male also try to seek prey.
10.   News Item
Twenty- one killed in the road
Twenty- one people were killed when two vehicles collided on a highway near the Red Sea port city of Jeddah, a newspaper reported on Saturday. Al- Riyadh newspaper said the accident occured on Friday when a vehicle carrying 14 Yemenis and two Saudis tried to avoid a police checkpoint by going around it, and rammed into an incoming car carrying five passengers from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sudan. Around  4,000 people die each year in road accidents in Saudi Arabia mainly due to recklessness.
                                                            The Jakarta Post, August 6, 2006

11.  Discussion

The Advantages and Disadvantages of using Facebook
Nowdays, facebook become necessity for human in the world. Its fact, because most people access to browse, chat, give short message to their friend everyday. Its also advanced social networking after friendster. Facebook has given big change for all people to facilitate the human needs. There are some advantages for using facebook as follow :
1.      People can access to communicate with others quickly
2.      Adds more friend and social networking
3.      People can share their experiences by writing in wall
But, On the other hand, facebook also brings bad effect for human. It only become subject to enjoy and spend all times. Sometimes, people forget time when they are browsing. They much enjoy to access by sharing, updating, uploading foto,etc with others. All activities in home are often ignored. Indeed, facebook also causes pornograph abuse and social libel. It occur when they are sharing with  others. People often upload the bad, strange  foto in wall to seek sensation in public. Needles to say, facebook always become necessity each day and facilitate the human needs to communicate with others easily. Unfortunately, facebook still give bad influence for human in the world.

12.  Explanation
Making Tempe from Soybean
Ok, friends. Do you like Tempe ? Have you ever seen how to make tempe from soybean? Well, Tempe is one of nutritious foods that it made from soybean. It is simple process to make it. First of all, we need some soybeans and choose the good soybean. After that, it must be washes and boils about one hours and then take it from pan. The soybeans are cleaned and ground to remove skin and other impurities. Then the soybean is soaked for a night. this stage the result of soaking must be boiled again about thirty minutes and then its drained from pan. Finally, the soybean is mixed with rice flour until smooth and the last soybean is packed by banana leaf to make tempe.                                                                                   Considering the simple of making tempe, let’s appreciate any tempe in the world. It simple and healthy food. Thank you for reading. Bye.
13.   Review

Spiderman 1 : First Appearance
I am as audience feel amazing when I looked the Spiderman movie. Its The best movie has ever seen in TV. Spider-Man is also a fictional comic book superhero who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics Spider-Man is one of the most popular and commercially successful superheroes. The story starts with Peter Parker, a teenage high school student having a tough time with his dual life. Two jobs by day, high expectations in school to boot, and crime fighter by night. No time for his personal life or to follow his dreams. Always exhausted and late. Peter faces problems which many of us do : problems on the job and no money for the rent. The women he loves, Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst), is with someone else. Basically, anything that goes wrong, does. Even as Spiderman, things go wrong as his power vanishes. He also try to find out his life by take wrestle turnament and the end he get winner and some money. But, on the other hand, the boss of turnaments don’t give pay to him. He has betrayed to him. The enemy named Norman who is the friend father also try to attack and kill  him by power and jet. He is very dangerous man. He also has some bombs which very killing. But, Spiderman has spirit to face him. Peter finds himself that he has to be his own self. With this self confidence, he has to try to defeat him by his force. Overall, Spiderman 1 is an excellent movie. The plot is excellent. The characters are well developed. The humor is there. Lots of inside jokes.

Lady Gaga Performance - REVIEW

It is about Lady Gaga Performance in stage. Her performance was very fantastic and attractive when she sang. She always sings perfectly and makes audience to be interested in her performance. Indeed, she also uses a strange accesories to be excellent such as meat hair, high shoes, etc. Many devotees who always attends in every her appearance. They are named the master of stages.
But, In other case, I as audience dislike  with her appearance which always contents by action pornography and so more rocks. It show when she sang with strange act and misterius style. Many audiences were enticed with her style. Her style as if little monster which always makes crazy atmosphere. I also agree if she didn’t come to Indonesion because many negatif effects such as the children will imitate her performance and her act unappropriate with islam norm. Immediately, she will bring the west culture and give the new atmosphere in Indonesion.  .
The Lady Gaga arrival also gets critict and respond from FPI and FUI. They refuse Lady Gaga performances which always brings bad influence for adolescence commonly. They do action from Menpolhukam office in west Medan. Again, she is the misterius singer with strange style and attractive performances.

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